Varieties of Finger Turmeric

The Five Most Popular Turmeric Found In India  ➤   Alleppey  Turmeric Finger  From Kerala ➤    Rajapuri  Turmeric Finger  From Maharashtra ➤   Salem Gattha  Turmeric Finger  From Tamil Nadu ➤   Nizamabad  Turmeric Finger   From Andhra Pradesh ➤   Turmeric  Bulb ➤    Indian Turmeric  Powder Alleppey  Turmeric Finger  From Kerala This variety of turmeric is grown only in Kerala state and is popular in USA, Europe, Germany, France, China, Russia, Australia, Middle East and other countries. Due to its darkish color & with its superior fresh turmeric flavor it has been used as most effective coloring agent. This turmeric has high curcumin content minimum of 5 and may be as high as 6.5.Alleppey turmeric more resembles the flavor of fresh turmeric with earthy aroma, is also used for medicinal properties, qualitative turmeric offered by us. Rajapuri  Turmeric Finger  From Maharashtra Asia Global is an Exporter & Supplier of Rajapuri Turmeric Finger from Maharashtra.  Once ground, clean

Varieties Of Chili Export By Global Asia

After Southern States Of India It Is Exported Worldwide Chilies are small-scale red or green peppers . They have a very hot taste and necessary for food making. We are Having Varieties of Chillies available with us : S17 Teja 334/S4/ Guntur Sannam 355 Byadgi Sygenta Byadgi 273 wrinkle Figure. S17 Teja Chili S17 Teja Chilli Teja chili is good of Guntur chilies from India and mostly produced in the Southam states of India and is good land and exported as all dried red chili powder form. Usually bright red in color. Its also named as S17 Type of chili. we have Top quality products, Dry Teja chili from Asia Global. Buy Whole Dried Teja chili that are medium hot, added to hot oil and fried they turn dark in color at best prices. This chili is usually used in Indian, Chinese, European, Mexican and Japanese cuisines. we supply, it includes bell peppers, red chilies', green chilies, jalapenos, habaneros, bird's eye. we are Leading Teja chili Suppliers in India. Our Teja chili have go

Indian Black Pepper Benefits

  Black pepper which is known as the king of spices. Black  pepper has several health benefits. It fights the intestinal tract bacterial growth, aids process of the digestion ill-treats stomachache, heartburn,  the indigestion, intestinal gas, cholera and diarrhea. The best remedy for colds and coughs, also boosts the metabolism, aids the weight loss, treats skin problems, reduces the heart, liver ailments, and reduce the risk of cancer.